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Gorilla Escapes at Dallas Zoo

November 28, 1998

DALLAS (AP) _ A 340-pound gorilla escaped Saturday from his room at the Dallas Zoo, raided the kitchen, bit a keeper and then dragged her down a hallway.

Hercules the gorilla _ ``basically a pretty gentle giant with a nice personality″ _ was captured after a veterinarian shot him with a tranquilizing dart, a zoo official said.

The gorilla then was loaded on a tarp and dragged back to his room to sleep it off.

Primate keeper Jennifer McClurg, 25, received a bite on her arm and another bite or gash to her side, zoo spokeswoman Pam Deutsch said.

Keepers weren’t sure how the 33-year-old gorilla got into the kitchen in the building where he and eight other gorillas live.

When Ms. McClurg discovered him loose, she lay curled on the floor, as keepers are instructed. But Hercules dragged her until she was able to leave the building and summon help, Ms. Deutsch said.

Hercules never got outside his building.

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