Hearing for the public scheduled over Mayville landfill expansion

April 9, 2019

The public will get a chance to weigh in on the proposed expansion of the Glacier Ridge Landfill.

Mayville Mayor Rob Boelk announced that there will be a public hearing over the expansion on April 29 at City Hall from 3-8 p.m. in front of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The DNR has also scheduled a court-style hearing that week where the parties involved in the case will provide information.

The city of Mayville officially opposes expanding the landfill, which would extend the life of the facility located just south of the city by a few years. He said the city has already gathered about 500 signatures from residents opposing the expansion as well after mailing flyers to everyone to collect them.

Boelk said that city officials and landfill officials have recently met and discussed odor, ground water, truck traffic, the expansion, leachate into the ground and the environmental situation.

“I am convinced both sides have a better understanding on all of these topics and both sides are committed to work together to resolve residents concerns,” he said.

The city opposed the landfill expansion with concerns about how it will affect the environment. Mayville sued to have more members on the board that is overseeing the negotiation, which include representatives from the affected parties like the town of Hubbard, but lost its case in Dodge County Circuit Court. The city is appealing the decision and also says the feasibility study about the expansion is not accurate.

Advanced Disposal, which operates the site, said that it is bound by tight regulations and laws and that it goes above and beyond to reduce the facility’s impact on the environment while also routing its clay trucks around the city.