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Caller Threatens Retaliation for Hijacker’s Arrest

September 20, 1987

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) _ A caller threatened Sunday that the ″Al-Hussein Brigade″ will launch attacks in the United States and against U.S. embassies unless America frees a Lebanese charged with hijacking, a radio station said.

The group was previously unknown, and there was no way to authenticate the anonymous call, made to the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

The station, run by the right-wing Christian Phalange Party and based in east Beirut, quoted the caller as saying:

″The United States must be aware of the consequences of Fawaz Younis’ detention.

″The retaliation will be inside the United States, and not a single American embassy along the Mediterranean will survive if Fawaz is not freed within a few days.″

The caller then hung up.

Al-Hussein Brigade may be named after the Shiite Moslems’ main saint, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Younis last week after luring him aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean. It said he boarded the boat after being promised a large amount of drugs which he could then sell. Women agents were aboard the FBI-rented yacht to simulate a party atmosphere.

Younis is accused of hijacking a Jordanian airliner to Beirut on June 11, 1985, and blowing up the aircraft after releasing all passengers and crew. He pleaded innocent when he appeared before a U.S. magistrate in Washington on Thursday.

Lebanon’s justice minister, Nabih Berri, on Friday denounced Younis’ arrest as an ″act close to piracy against international laws.″ Berri, who heads the mainstream Shiite Amal militia, said the arrest was ″an agression against the dignity of Lebanon.″

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