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Hero Gets Dinner at the Plaza

November 5, 1991

NEW YORK (AP) _ A truck driver who nabbed a teen-ager charged with robbing Donald Trump’s mother will get dinner at the Plaza with The Donald.

″We’re going to have dinner soon,″ Trump said Tuesday.

Trump said ″there are two lines of thought″ on whether he can give a more substantial reward to Lawrence Herbert, who chased down the 16-year-old mugging suspect.

Some lawyers advised Trump could jeopardize a conviction by rewarding Herbert before a trial; others say it wouldn’t matter.

″We want to find out which is right before we do anything more,″ the developer said.

Trump said his mother, Mary, remained in the hospital ″but she’s doing better.″

Mrs. Trump, 79, was attacked Thursday as she walked along a small shopping strip in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens. Authorities said Paul LoCastro tried to grab her purse, which contained $14, and knocked her to the ground.

Mrs. Trump suffered broken ribs and severe face bruises and was taken to Booth Memorial Hospital. She was listed in satisfactory condition, said hospital spokeswoman Nancy Simington.

LoCastro, charged with robbery and assault, was released on $25,000 bail.

″It’s disgraceful that a guy can get out on $25,000 bail after doing this kind of act,″ Trump said.

Herbert’s teen-age son will join Trump for dinner. The date has not yet been set.

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