Katrina Dick: How to change up the same outfit

September 5, 2018

Hello all, I hope your week has been well. Mine has flown by incredibly fast, and I can’t believe we are already at the beginning of another month.

I was thinking to myself the other day about how in another month the weather will be different, the leaves will be different and summer will be nothing more than a distant memory.

Summer being over means kids are back in school, football is in full swing and extra-curricular activities are taking over most of your lives. Everybody is busy, busy, busy. Kitchens are going unused, laundry is piling up and you may find yourself lucky to make it out the door in time with your teeth brushed, let alone wearing your fall best. If that sounds like you, don’t fret. I’ve been there myself. Sometimes time just gets away from us, we forget what day it is and we end up digging out the same cardigan and leggings on Wednesday morning that we wore on Monday.

If you’re reading this and saying to yourself “Oh good grief, I would never wear the same outfit twice in one week” then you, my friend, are obviously a member of the Royal Family and therefore have no reason to read any further - but if you’re like the other 99.9 percent of the population, then you probably have, and should continue reading.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit twice. As long as it is clean and wrinkle free, chances are, no one will even notice.

There are so many different ways to style outfits these days, you could probably wear the same one every day of the week and get by (but don’t do that).

Say you have a favorite cardigan and leggings, adding a long necklace will add some drama, dressing it up a little. If you wore it with flats previously, try adding boots or heels. Shoes can really change the look of an outfit, and it is often the one thing people don’t think about when they put their outfits together. Dresses can be worn multiple times, especially if they are plain. Adding a denim jacket to a plain t-shirt dress (or any type of dress, really) not only makes it look more put together, it can also work as a great transition piece for those mornings when it is 50 degrees at 8 a.m. and 9,000 degrees by 4 p.m. Add a necklace and booties and boom - a whole new outfit out of the same dress you wore the other day. Adding a flannel and sneakers, with minimal jewelry gives it a cool, casual vibe. Button up shirts and jeans can also be styled numerous ways, making them an easy item to wear again if you have to. If you wore the shirt tucked in before, try untucking it and adding a t-shirt underneath. Not only does it completely change the style of the outfit, it also helps during that odd seasonal transition, and tying it around your waist when it gets too warm not only helps you to stay cool, but keeps you trendy as well. If the shirt was untucked before, try doing just a front tuck or not tucking at all and doing a knot instead.

While these tips and tricks work great for women, men often times find themselves in a position of either not knowing what to wear or wearing the same thing over and over. That’s OK, too. Men have options as well, such as rolling up the sleeves on a button up shirt and adding a watch. Those two little things can instantly make them look a little more polished. Adding a gray or black undershirt to a striped or checked button up shirt steps it up a bit too, giving it a little more dimension, while helping to draw the eye away from the previously worn button up.

With just a little thought and some minor adjustments, you can look as fresh on Friday night as you did on Monday morning - even if you have worn those pants three days in a row.

Have a great week and happy shopping!

Katrina Dick is a lifelong Wayne County resident who is looking to inspire others in Wayne how to not only be frugal when shopping, but be stylish while saving.

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