Teen arrested for assault with scissors

December 14, 2018

A drunken argument Saturday led to a fight between a couple and 18-year-old Joshua Claude Parker’s arrest.

Police said the victim showed up to the Jackson Police Department on Sunday with abrasions on her neck, where she said Parker held a knife and a pair of scissors before threatening her life.

“Mr. Parker pushed her and held her down on the bed, placing his hand on her throat,” a probable cause affidavit states. “[Victim] stated she had trouble breathing and was scared.”

The victim said the two started arguing after a tiff at her friend’s house, and things escalated when they got to her apartment, where Parker was staying.

“The argument turned physical when they both pushed each other in the kitchen,” documents state.

Officers interviewed Parker, who said the victim hit him “on his face with her hands a few times” and that he reacted by hitting her on the side of her head with an open palm.

“Mr. Parker said he placed his right hand on her throat and with his left hand, held the scissors to her throat and told her, ‘I’m going to f-----g kill you if you don’t stop your s--t,’” the affidavit states.

Parker told officers the argument continued and that the victim scratched at his face and neck.

“Mr. Parker mentioned things went too far when he held her to the ground and placed the scissors to her throat,” officers wrote.

Parker, a Driggs, Idaho, resident and Afton native, was arrested and appeared in Teton County Circuit Court on Wednesday charged with aggravated assault and strangulation of a household member.

“These allegations are serious, and I’m concerned about the behavior,” Teton County Deputy Prosecutor Becket Hinckley said. “They were really drunk, too. There are bad actions here. There has to be some skin in the game.”

Parker was released from Teton County Jail on a $2,500 cash or surety bond, ordered to drink no alcohol, have no contact with the victim and be home by 10 p.m. every night. He was told to hire an attorney and appear back in court next week.

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