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Storm Peters Out in Northeast, Light Snow in Midwest, Great Lakes

February 13, 1988

Undated (AP) _ A winter storm ran out of steam in the Northeast early today, while light snow fell in the central Appalachians, parts of the Midwest and along the Great Lakes.

Snow was expected to taper off today in New England and eastern New York, where 12 to 18 inches piled up after the storm rolled into the region early Friday.

Blowing and drifting snow was expected today in extreme northeastern Ohio, where more than 2 inches fell overnight.

Advisories for snow were in effect this morning for the mountains of western Pennsylvania and West Virginia and the northern mountains of North Carolina.

Advisories for lake effect snow were posted tonight for parts of western Pennsylvania, northeastern Ohio and western New York.

Heavier snowfall in six hour overnight included 7 inches in Limestone, Maine, 5 at Lebanon, N.H., and Caribou, Maine, and 4 inches at Burlington, Vt.

Marine storm warnings were in effect for the coasts of Maine and New Hampshire, where 60 mph gusts were likely. Gale warnings were posted for the central Atlantic Coast and over lakes Erie and Huron.

Clear skies were widespread from the southern Atlantic states across the lower Mississippi Valley, the central and southern Plains, and most of the central and southern Rockies.

Scattered light rain fell in Washington state and northern Idaho.

Freezing temperatures were reported across extreme northern Florida, where a hard freeze warning was posted.

Subzero temperatures were common across the upper Mississippi Valley. Temperatures in the single digits and teens were common from the eastern Dakotas across the middle Mississippi Valley, the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys, the Great Lakes and the Appalachians.

In California on Friday, record highs for the date were set at several locations, including San Francisco, where it was 69, one degree warmer than the record set in 1953.

A high of 86 in Tucson, Ariz., broke the record for the date of 85 set in 1957.

Today’s forecast called for snow from western New York and Pennsylvania through northern and central New England; scattered rain and mountain snow from Washington state and northern Oregon across Idaho, Montana, western Wyoming and northern Idaho to northwest Colorado; gusty winds across the northern Rockies.

Highs were expected to reach the teens and 20s from the upper Mississippi Valley across the Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley into northern New England and the central Appalachians; 60s and 70s across the southern Plains; 80 in the desert Southwest; 60s over southern and central Florida; 30s, 40s or 50s across much of the rest of the nation.

Temperatures around the nation at 2 a.m. EST ranged from 7 degrees below zero at Moline, Ill., and International Falls, Minn., to 63 degrees at Los Angeles:

Other reports:

-East: Atlanta 23 partly cloudy; Boston 31 snow; Buffalo 16 snow; Caribou 16 snow; Charleston S.C. 32 fair; Cincinnati 7 cloudy; Cleveland 10 cloudy; Detroit 15 partly cloudy; Miami 46 fair; New York 24 blowing snow; Philadelphia 21 windy; Pittsburgh 13 snow; Portland Maine 23 snow; Washington 21 fair.

-Central: Bismarck 17 partly cloudy; Chicago 00 fair; Dallas-Fort Worth 41 fair; Denver 38 fair; Des Moines 14 cloudy; Indianapolis -2 fair; Kansas City 17 fair; Minneapolis-St. Paul 3 snow; Nashville 18 snow; New Orleans 37 fair; St. Louis 16 snow.

-West: Albuquerque 38 fair; Anchorage 19 fair; Las Vegas 46 fair; Los Angeles 58 fair; Phoenix 58 fair; Salt Lake City 29 fair; San Diego 59 fair; San Francisco 50 fair; Seattle 44 windy.

-Canada: Montreal 14 snow; Toronto 16 snow.

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