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Hospital Opens ‘Kiss and Drive’ Lanes

October 20, 2003

OSLO, Norway (AP) _ Because affections could interfere with afflictions, a Norwegian hospital opened ``kiss and drive″ lanes Monday so staffers can kiss loved ones goodbye without blocking ambulances.

``A kiss is a good way to start the day,″ said a brochure that urged staff not to ``get in the way″ while they were doing it.

Staff at the St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim often stopped their cars outside the entrance to kiss loved ones goodbye as they were dropped off. But that caused traffic jams near the emergency entrance.

So the hospital opened special lanes on both sides of the road, with pink hearts painted on the pavement, so those among the 5,500 staffers who needed a little extra time for a last kiss goodbye could have it.

``It is important to ease access for patient transport (by car and ambulance) and visitors,″ hospital spokeswoman Marit Kvikne told The Associated Press. ``Staff are encouraged to use the kissing lane on their way to and from work.″

Trondheim is about 235 miles north of the capital, Oslo.

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