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Whitman Opposes NYC Garbage Plan

December 3, 1998

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) _ Gov. Christie Whitman had this to say about New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s new plan to barge thousands of tons of garbage to New Jersey every day: ``Whitman to New York’s Garbage Plan: Drop Dead.″

Whitman called the plan ``an environmental disaster waiting to happen,″ but New York City officials said the mayor’s plan is environmentally sound.

The proposal, unveiled by the Republican mayor Wednesday, was not made public to Whitman, also a Republican, until that morning. City officials admitted they did not adequately inform the governor, but have requested a meeting to explain the proposal.

The plan is designed to find a future home for the 13,000 tons of trash dumped each day at a Staten Island landfill that is due to close by the end of 2001.

It calls for about 5,000 tons of New York trash to be barged each day to transfer stations in Newark and Carteret, where it would be compacted and shipped to landfills elsewhere.

Whitman, recalling ``garbage slicks″ from the Staten Island landfill that closed New Jersey beaches in the 1980s, said the latest plan could bring great harm to the Jersey shore.

``The proposal being promoted by the City of New York is a direct assault on the beaches of New Jersey and a very real threat to our quality of life,″ she said in a statement. ``Moving millions of tons of garbage from the land to barges and back onto the land could be an environmental disaster waiting to happen.″

Borrowing from a 1975 tabloid headline during New York City’s fiscal crisis, her statement began: ``Whitman to New York’s Garbage Plan: Drop Dead.″

Richard Codey, the Democratic leader in New Jersey’s Senate, was among the other officials expressing outrage.

``I’ve got one message for Mayor Giuliani,″ Codey said. ``Don’t trash us.″

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