Voters picked Evers to protect nature -- Suzanne Moynihan

November 27, 2018

By electing Tony Evers governor, Wisconsin citizens opted for strong environmental protection.

Evers promised to work for preservation of healthy lakes, streams, wetlands, lead-free drinking water, small-scale agriculture and support of the Paris Climate Accord. So rather than curtailing Evers powers, the Wisconsin Legislature needs to work toward regulations beneficial to both business and nature.

Environmental laws save the economy billions of dollars in health care alone. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, 1 in 10 Wisconsin adults have asthma, and many of them cannot work. Their treatment exceeds $100 million annually. Preventable diseases such as asthma can be reduced by sound environmental policy as well as limiting expenses paid by business and taxpayers.

In addition, supporting the Paris Climate Accord will prevent what happened in August. Gov. Scott Walker declared Wisconsin to be in a state of emergency. Severe storms and flooding caused at least $208 million in damages. Climate change increases the amount of precipitation held in the atmosphere fomenting the severity of rain storms.

The Legislature needs to rule in favor of the common good in the future.

Suzanne Moynihan, Milwaukee

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