CHS Tennis fights for Trevor

September 25, 2018

Columbus High tennis competed Monday against York in a dual with a former teammate on everybody’s mind.

Trevor Luckey, a member of the 2017 squad, is in the midst of a battle with the blood cancer leukemia.

To show support for his fight, all the Discoverer tennis players were wearing a shirt that had an orange ribbon, and there was a banner that read “Discoverers tennis playing for Trevor Luckey.”

Colin Flyr, one of Luckey’s teammates from a year ago, said that he was happy the team came together to show Trevor they all stand behind him.

“He helped me stay calm, and he always played his hardest,” he said. “I’m glad I can play for him. He was a good friend to me. I’ve known him for a lot of years, and I’m just hoping he can get better. Just happy that we can do this for you.”

Head coach of the Discoverers Scott Bethune said that Luckey was a important member of the group.

“It means a lot because Trevor was a key piece to our team, he said. “Not only as an athlete, but as a person. For a young man to go through what he’s going through, we just want to represent him the best we can to honor him, and to know that we’re fighting with him and his cause. To just do something simple with these shirts and this banner goes a long ways.”

Bethune described Luckey as a competitive tennis player that could lift the spirits of his teammates.

“Trevor brought competitiveness,” he said. “He had a big heart. He was always smiling an infectious smile, and he always lifted the team up when we were down. His competitiveness on the court, everything about him is just missed because he was an all-around great kid.”

Bethune said that his team is fighting with Trevor.

“They just keep fighting, and they’re not fighting alone, we’re fighting with them,” he said. “It’s a battle everyday for him. We know he’s going through a lot of hardships, but we’re with him every step of the way.”

Flyr wanted to remind everyone to be thankful for what they have in life.

“Be grateful for what you have right now, don’t take much for granted, because anything can happen to you at any moment in your life,” he said.

The dual against York probably didn’t go as well as the team hoped as Columbus was unable to scratch out a win in any of the nine matches.

Adam Kamrath was defeated by Ty Schneider 8-5, Coden Prokopec was defeated by John Esser 8-1, Colin Flyr was defeated by Luca Struffi 8-0, Conner Wiehn was defeated by Bradyn Heiss 8-0, Cole Wilcox was defeated by Hunter Royal 8-0 and Drew VunCannon was defeated by Haden Royal 8-0.

In doubles action, Wilcox and Wiehn were defeated by Heiss and Luca 8-1, Flyr and Kamrath lost to Hayden Royal and Hunter Royal 8-2 and Prokopec and VunCannon were defeated by Schneider and, according to the results, an unnamed teammate 8-0.

CHS will be in action this Saturday at the conference tournament in North Platte.

Peter Huguenin is a sports reporter for the Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at sports@columbustelegram.com

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