State Street hotel deserves support -- Robert Lewin

September 18, 2018

The more I look into the planned Provenance Hotel for Downtown Madison, the more I believe it is a great fit.

The most downtrodden block of all of State Street is the even-numbered side of the 100 block, closest to the Capitol Square. Adding a major market hotel to this block is exactly what is needed. It will serve both Downtown and the university well.

If you look at the many other Provenance Hotels in cities like Seattle, Portland and New Orleans, you will see each has taken on its own city-centric identity. They are now willing to invest in our city. It will be exciting to see how our own unique Provenance will flourish.

This planned hotel will create both construction and operational jobs, and add a 24/7/365 “always open” business to that intersection. It will support Madison’s convention and tourism goals and increase municipal tax income, all while asking for no TIF funding from the city.

Are there some sticking points to the project? Of course! It wouldn’t be Madison without some heated discussion. But the Provenance Hotel, in the big picture, is most definitely worth our support.

Robert Lewin, Madison

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