Working with colleges is important

September 27, 2018

Some odds and ends to share from the newsroom:

* * *

Two staff members are wearing additional hats this fall.

Angela Henery and Lizz Cornett are spending some time teaching media classes at Northeast Community College.

As graduates of the journalism program at Northeast, they were approached after the previous instructor, Nancy Sutton-Smith, resigned in order to return to South Dakota. The timing of the classes was rearranged to allow both Angela and Lizz to help the college out while not interfering with their duties at the Daily News.

The Daily News has enjoyed a strong working relationship with the media program at Northeast for many years.

Nancy was a pleasure to work with in making her students’ stories and videos available to the Daily News to post on our website on a special page. That was a win-win situation because it provided us with additional content and translated into broader exposure for the Northeast students.

We look forward to continuing that cooperative arrangement this fall with Angela and Lizz.

* * *

Speaking of colleges, the Daily News also has worked closely with the journalism program at Wayne State College for many years.

Much like the arrangement with Northeast, the Daily News is able to reprint some of the stories initially published in the Wayne Stater campus newspaper for our broader readership to enjoy and appreciate. Again, it gives the Wayne State students broader exposure and looks good on their resumes, too.

We also enjoying having Joseph Lovercheck, a Wayne State journalism student from Humphrey, serving as a fall semester intern here at the Daily News. He’s able to spend much of his Tuesdays and Thursdays in the newsroom here, doing writing and reporting for the Daily News.

And we’re enjoying getting to know Wayne State’s new journalism instructor, Justin Bergh, this fall. The more we can collaborate for the good of his program, the Wayne State students and the Daily News, the better off we all are.

* * *

There’s room for yet one more college reference in today’s column.

The Daily News and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications resurrected an effort last school year in which students in beginning reporting classes spent a weekend in Norfolk — during both the fall and spring semesters — working on a reporting project.

Efforts are under way to continue that effort this school year through the efforts of Mary Kay Quinlan and Jill Martin, faculty members with the college. I’ll share more details as they become available this fall.

In all three cases — with Northeast Community College, Wayne State College and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln — we don’t look at the time we devote to working with these journalism programs as an obligation but rather an opportunity. I’m hoping that such relationships will continue for many years to come.

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