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Fair Judge Gives Chicken Mouth-to-Beak Resuscitation

September 21, 1991

PUYALLUP, Wash. (AP) _ A judge at the Western Washington Fair saved a prize hen that nearly drowned by performing mouth-to-beak resuscitation, witnesses say.

As Daniel Burnson, 12, was explaining his chicken-cleaning technique, his sultan hen apparently passed out in a punch bowl full of soapy water.

Burnson was too wrapped up in his instruction to notice. But judge Sherry Milligan grabbed the limp bird and performed what witnesses described as mouth-to-beak resuscitation.

″She opened its beak and breathed into it,″ said Daniel’s mother, Kathy Burnson.

A moment later, the chicken came to with a squawk.

″All the people were around, and it just went into shock and fell into the water,″ Burnson said. ″It’s not used to being around a lot of people, I guess.″

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