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Dole Says She Has Helped Children

June 8, 1999

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Elizabeth and Bob Dole never had children of their own, but the GOP presidential candidate said today that she and her husband were able ``to make a difference for a lot of children in the work we were doing.″

``When Bob and I married it was late in life. I mean, we were older,″ Mrs. Dole said in an interview with The Associated Press. She was 39 and her husband, a Senator from Kansas, was 52 when they were wed Dec. 6, 1975.

``Our feeling was if we were fortunate to have children, wonderful. But if not, we both loved what we were doing and had a chance to make a difference for a lot of children in the work we were doing,″ she said.

``We felt, ‘Great, if it happens.’ But if it doesn’t, there really is a great opportunity through the positions that we’re in to help a lot of children which is very satisfying _ to be able to give back,″ she said.

Mrs. Dole said she was ``blessed to have″ two nephews and a daughter from the former senator’s first marriage.

She was asked if she would be where she is today if she’d had children.

``I can’t speculate on what might have happened had it been a different set of circumstance because I’ve just lived this life and it’s hard to really put yourself into another situation,″ she said. ``But I think women are doing a great job today of trying to juggle a lot of different areas and I’m very supportive of that.″

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