Katrina Dick: Comfy, cute clothing ideal for holiday shopping

December 19, 2018
Courtesy of Katrina Dick A lightweight sweater and jeans are a great option for comfortable shopping attire.

Hello all, I hope your week has been well. Mine sure has, especially now that I am “almost” done with all of my Christmas shopping.

I say almost because my husband and I are going to be finishing it all up this weekend. Which means I will have to go to the mall and I am sure it will be packed. And hot. I can already feel the rage building up inside of me just thinking about getting stuck behind those people who like to walk exceptionally slow, like they actually enjoy a stroll through the mall. At Christmas time. With 10,000 other people who also like to walk exceptionally slow. Oh, well. Shopping is a necessary evil this time of year and there is always at least one thing we have to go shopping for, that one thing that unfortunately can’t be found in the gilded halls of Amazon. But, I digress.

Since I am going to be spending at least one evening schlepping through the mall, I want to be comfortable. Plus, it’s an evening out with my husband, so I guess I can’t wear sweatpants. The outfit pictured is the perfect choice for an evening of anxiety filled shopping, simply because it is cute and comfortable. The sweater is the one I told you about last week, that I got at Old Navy for $15. The great thing about this sweater is it is thin, which means it won’t be bulky under my jacket nor will it cause me to sweat like a glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. Its simplicity makes it great. A basic crew neck sweater that fits well and can be worn many different ways. What’s not to love?

The jeans are boyfriend jeans from JC Penney that I got probably 1000 years ago, but I still wear quite often. They’re distressed, so they are right on trend. Of course, I had to wear my trusty booties from Walmart, because not only are they super stylish, they’re super comfortable, too. They work well with this outfit and help to balance out the gray color scheme. However, you can wear it with sneakers and it would look pretty great too. I paired it with white Converse and it looked really good, but they pinch my feet if I wear them too long, so they are a no go for walking around the mall.

Shopping around for gifts can be fun, and believe it or not I am excited about it. But why add to the stress of large crowds and full parking lots by being uncomfortable? We all want to look good, but you can still look great and be comfortable. Keep it simple and have one less thing to worry about while crossing names off your list. Have a great week and happy shopping!

Katrina Dick is a lifelong Wayne County resident who is looking to inspire others in Wayne how to not only be frugal when shopping, but be stylish while saving.

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