Orchids and Onions: Monday, December 31, 2018

December 31, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to John, who gifted us with a replica model of our yellow SSR on Monday. You made our day! Come back and visit and we will take you for a ride in one of the full size ones. Spencer and Sharon

Onions to the veterinarian who let my dog suffer for 5 years. Orchids to Mountain View Animal Hospital and Dr. Forsse for taking her in and scheduling surgery in one day for the worst tumor she had ever seen. Well worth the drive to Kingman. God Bless You!

Onions to the car wash with new management. I was there for over an hour, left with smeared windshield, dirty floor mats, and spotted rims. Not good!

Orchids to Becky and Tarina at the Aquatic Center for their wonderful customer service. They were so helpful and their sense of humor made my day. For the first time since the facility opened, I’m now a participant in the swim and exercise programs. Thank you, ladies!

Onions to the cemented barrier on Lake Havasu Blvd. Could have just painted a crosshatched barrier and saved some big money.

Orchids to the gentleman who, while at Beachcomber store, paid it forward to my son who was in the store Christmas shopping for his 5-year old daughter. He is a single dad raising his daughter, and your generosity has restored my faith in people. When she asked him if Santa was his real name, he told her that Santa’s first name is Larry. Thank you for you kindness sir.

Onions to Lake Havasu City. All this wealth and no hot meals for the homeless on Christmas Day! Shame on you, Lake Havasu! I guess it will come when the shelter opens. Tsedaka!

Orchids to the gals working at the FedEx mail center on N Kiowa. Been there a couple times this holiday season. These are the most friendliest, helpful, and kindest women. At a stressful time for most, their smiles are truly a gift.

Onions to the idiot who wants to call ICE on the local restaurant.

Orchids to gentleman with Gila monster and rattle snake blood. Desire to meet you. Not looking to harness, Love your style. Maybe you have a girlfriend now, but doesn’t appear you stay tied down for long. Where do you hang out?

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