The following is a coverage plan for the Aretha Franklin viewing and funeral. The Queen of Soul, who died Aug. 16 at the age of 76. For additional information, please contact Nekesa Moody (nmoody@ap.org) or Anthony McCartney (amccartney@ap.org). This updates with more additional details about previous stories, coverage on Friday.


ARETHA FRANKLIN-NEWS GUIDE — Aretha Franklin had admirers all over the world, but there's no doubt that the flame burned brightest in Detroit — the place she was raised and remained for most of her life. It's difficult to separate the singer from the city, so you better think that the city is saying farewell in royal fashion to its Queen of Soul, with a concert, public viewings and a funeral that's expected to be attended by at least one former president, civil rights leaders and many other musical luminaries. By Jeff Karoub. SENT. About 700 words, with photos.



DETROIT — The regal presence Aretha Franklin exuded in life was captured at her viewing on Tuesday, with the late Queen of Soul in a gold-plated casket dressed completely in red, including high-heeled pumps, proving, as one person put it, that she was a "diva to the end." SENT. By Jeff Karoub. 977 words, with pool AP photo and video from inside the museum and photos and video from outside.

With ARETHA FRANKLIN-PUBLIC VIEWING-THE LATEST: The Latest on the first day of a public viewing of Aretha Franklin at a storied Detroit museum. SENT. 889 words. Photos, video.

ARETHA FRANKLIN-SORORITY — What began as a thin line swelled into a sea of sisterhood as hundreds of members of Delta Sigma Theta streamed into the rotunda of the Charles H. Wright Museum on Tuesday to pay tribute to the Queen of Soul, a member of the sorority. SENT. By AP National Writer Errin Haines Whack. 565 words. With photos, video.

ARETHA FRANKLIN-ARIANA GRANDE — Ariana Grande will be among the performers who will pay tribute to Aretha Franklin at her funeral Friday. SENT. By AP Entertainment Writer Nekesa Mumbi Moody. 138 words. AP Photo.


ARETHA FRANKLIN-MUSIC'S FUNERALS — Elvis, Whitney, Prince, Biggie and, now, Aretha: The funerals and public memorials of music royalty have been as varied as the work they created, from small family affairs to days of tributes as huge in death as they lived their lives. By Leanne Italie. Upcoming 1,300 words by 2 p.m. Wednesday, photos.

ARETHA FRANKLIN-PUBLIC VIEWING — The Queen of Soul's diva ways played out for the second day of her public viewing on Wednesday, as she was shown in an entirely different outfit — this time, wearing blue instead of the bright red seen across the world on the first day. Mourners poured into the Detroit museum to pay their respects to Aretha Franklin, and several reminisced about their own personal encounters with Franklin during her lifetime. By Jeff Karoub and Josh Replogle. UPCOMING by 3 p.m. Eastern: 650 words. Photos. Video.

ARETHA FRANKLIN-TAYLOR SWIFT — Taylor Swift honored Aretha Franklin with a moment of silence during a concert in the Queen of Soul's hometown. SENT. 133 words, with photo.


ARETHA FRANKLIN-BLACK CULTURE — The weeklong tributes to the Queen of Soul have not just been a testament to her life and musical legacy, but a celebration of black culture. The institutions she loved so much, including the black church, her sorority and civil rights, have been on full display. By Errin Haines Whack. Photos. Video.

ARETHA FRANKLIN-CHURCH VIEWING — The final day of public farewells to Aretha Franklin came Thursday at the church where her father preached for more than three decades. The processional at New Bethel Baptist Church saw the Queen of Soul in her third ensemble of the week, a sparking rose gold gown. By Errin Haines Whack. SENT: 630 words. Photos.

ARETHA FRANKLIN-CASKET MOVES — Aretha Franklin's body has been transported from a Detroit museum that hosted two days of public viewings of the Queen of Soul, the next step in a journey leading up to her funeral on Friday. SENT: 164 words. Photos. Video.



DETROIT — A former president, civil rights leaders and many other musical and cultural luminaries will speak, sing or otherwise gather Friday to pay their final respects to Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. The marathon funeral at Detroit's Greater Grace Temple is expected to include an all-star list of speakers and performers, including former President Bill Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Faith Hill, Chaka Khan, Cicely Tyson, Clive Davis and the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. By Nekesa Mumbi Moody and Jeff Karoub. UPCOMING: 1,000 words, photos, video on Friday, including a live multi-camera switched pool feed from inside the church and AP live cameras outside the church. With sidebars. Funeral begins at 10 a.m.


ARETHA FRANKLIN-FUNERAL-ARIANA GRANDE — The bishop who officiated Aretha Franklin's funeral apologized Friday to Ariana Grande for how he touched her onstage and a joke he made about her name in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press. By Josh Replogle. SENT: 375 words. Photos.

ARETHA FRANKLIN-FUNERAL-WILLIAMS EULOGY — A fiery, old-school eulogist at the funeral of Aretha Franklin fell flat for many in the crowd and prompted a social media uproar when he declared "black America has lost its soul," black women are incapable of raising sons alone and the Black Lives Matter movement is unfounded in the face of black-on-black crime. SENT: 468 words. Photos.

ARETHA-MCCAIN-TWO AMERICAS — Two funerals, two Americas, both showing respect for giants of their time. In Detroit, celebrities and ordinary mourners clad in their Sunday best clapped, laughed and sang along in joyous remembrance of Aretha Franklin. In Washington, D.C., ramrod-straight soldiers stood guard as solemn politicians reminisced before a silent, somber crowd about their time with John McCain. By Jesse J. Holland. UPCOMING: 400 words. Photos.

AP ESSAY-END OF A CHAPTER — A reflection on how the deaths of Aretha Franklin and John McCain marks the end of a chapter of US history that began in the 1960s. By Ted Anthony. SENT: 990 words, photos.

ARETHA FRANKLIN-FUNERAL-MAXINE WATERS — As far as one minister is concerned, it's Maxine Waters Forever! When Bishop Charles H. Ellis of Greater Grace Temple assured Rep. Maxine Waters that "We got your back!" he was repaid in full. The California Democrat made fists and crossed her arms in front of her chest in the "Wakanda Forever" greeting from the film "Black Panther." SENT: 180 words. Photo.

FUNERALS-SPLIT SCREEN — Simultaneous events honoring Sen. John McCain and Aretha Franklin proved a challenge for television networks. A major collision was avoided when Franklin's service started late, allowing the networks to cover a Capitol Hill ceremony in full. By AP Media Writer David Bauder. SENT: 446 words. Photos.


ARETHA FRANKLIN — Aretha Franklin's funeral may be over, but many of the speakers at her service Friday are calling on others to honor her legacy by demanding respect for black America. Amid the gospel, personal reflections and grief on Friday were calls to register and turnout to vote in November and condemnation of President Donald Trump. By AP National Writer Errin Haines Whack. SENT: 579 words. Photos. Video.

ARETHA FRANKLIN-ESTATE — Aretha Franklin was so hard-nosed in her business dealings that she demanded to be paid in cash before performing. Her heirs won't have it so simple. Despite living to 76 and having cancer before her death, The Queen of Soul left no will. As her family members move on from Friday's funeral in Detroit, they're left with the potentially tall task of finding out how many millions she was worth, and divvying it up. By AP Entertainment Writer Andrew Dalton. UPCOMING: 875 words. Photos.

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