Subscription for everything this Christmas

November 15, 2018

The word “subscription” has taken on a whole new meaning. No longer does it just mean purchasing the regular delivery of a newspaper or magazine. People are subscribing to the regular delivery of lots of things.

When our 15-year-old was about 10, for Christmas we gave her a craft club subscription. Once a month she would get a new package containing yarn, felt, stickers and other crafty things like colored paper and ribbon along with instructions on how to make the month’s craft project.

She was so excited to regularly receive a package in the mail addressed to her. It was even more fun to open it up and see what frog or heart or wooden tongue depressor project she was making this month.

I didn’t re-subscribe after the year was out, however, as the excitement wore off and craft packages tended to pile up from month to month.

That can happen with subscriptions.

You can subscribe to about anything. Our friends tried one of the many meal preparation delivery services where you have ingredients and recipes mailed to you each week.

For awhile they liked the unique dishes and time together preparing them in the kitchen, then they cancelled the subscription because of the unique dishes and extra time preparing them in the kitchen.

I subscribed to a snack club for awhile which was fun because you get a little box of unique pretzels, crackers, dips and dried fruit monthly and then go online to critique them when you’re done.

According to how you rated the items, they’ll send you less of what you didn’t like (mustard) and more of what you liked — in my case, chocolate.

I know of people who subscribe to a beauty mailing, so each month they get a package full of different kinds of colognes, makeup, brushes, bags and soaps. One person I know loves the service so far, although it’s hard to use all of the items received before the next one arrives at her door.

Once a month comes around a little more often than you think.

She’s not the only one watching the mailbox for the monthly arrival of goodies. There are socks of the month, wines of the month, razors of the month and books of the month to subscribe to.

I’m thinking that the upcoming holiday season is a great time to give subscriptions, although maybe not the craft boxes that are still available. Instead, how fun it would to give the monthly gift of fresh flowers or board games?

I’m going to think about the subscription gifts- the ones that will keep on giving throughout the year.

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