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Midshipman Passes Physical Test with One Pullup to Spare

July 9, 1985

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) _ Midshipman Jay R. Linder, unable to graduate with his Naval Academy class May 22 because he couldn’t do six chin-ups, got a second chance Tuesday and passed with one chin-up to spare.

As a result of doing seven chin-ups, the native of Los Angeles will get his degree and his commission as an ensign in the Navy at a private graduation ceremony Wednesday.

Dennis Boxx, an academy spokesman, said Rear Adm. Charles R. Larson, the superintendent, and Capt. Stephen K. Chadwick, commandant of midshipmen, will make brief remarks and present the diploma and commission.

After that, Linder will have a month off before attending the Surface Warfare Officer School in San Diego. In January, he will report for duty aboard the U.S.S. Constellation.

Linder was told in May that he could not graduate and would have to spend four years in the Navy as an enlisted man because he was unable to complete six pull-ups, one part of the physical examination that all academy graduates must pass.

He appealed to the academic board, however, and was given a second chance.

Linder would not comment Tuesday after he passed the exam.

In May, he had said that he had been able to do seven or eight chin-ups until he injured his shoulder playing intramural sports last fall.

After that, he was able to do only five.

″When one little chin-up is standing between you and graduation, you give it your best. I was one-third of the way up two or three times but couldn’t make it,″ he said.

Since May, Linder has gone through what the academy described as ″six additional weeks of intensive physical fitness training and preparation.″

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