The Voice Monday night recap: Fight night

October 3, 2018

Monday’s episode of ‘The Voice’ got heated as the judges fought over top notch talent.

Judge Kelly Clarkson was desperate for a female country singer and willing to pull out all of the stops to get one but it seemed like judge Blake Shelton got in her way every time.

They fought over contestants Rachel Messer and Chevel Shepherd. Two powerful young female country vocalists. Messer ultimately chose team Blake after much persuasion from Clarkson. Shepherd chose team Kelly despite sharing the same birthday as Shelton and being a huge fan.

As the episode went on, Clarkson’s competitiveness shifted towards judge Jennifer Hudson instead of Shelton.

They competed for Natasia Greycloud, a strong female vocalist with a wide pitch range. Greycloud sang Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not the Only One’ and blew the judges away. The argument over Greycloud settled peacefully when she chose team Jennifer.

“This is not a slumber party... fight or something,” said judge Shelton.

The last audition sparked the fight that Shelton was looking for. Kymberli Joye was the last audition and she wowed the judges by perfectly singing Whitney Houston’s ‘Run to You!’. Clarkson used her only block of the season to block Hudson from getting Joye on her team. Joye was left to choose between Shelton and Clarkson. She chose team Kelly.

In total, team Kelly received three new members. Team Blake received two new members. Team Jennifer or JHUD received two new members. And, team Adam received two new members.

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