LONDON (AP) _ A series of aerial photographs will allow Internet-users to zoom in on every town, every street and every house in Britain as part of a millennium mapping project.

The map shows the nation in such detail that objects as small as 9.8 inches can be viewed in high-resolution photographs, the mapping company said Wednesday.

The Millennium Mapping Co. raised $3.8 million from investors for the project, which involved more than 55,000 aerial photographs taken over six months.

Computer-users will be able to download detailed images from the Internet site for about $16 each. Half of the map will be online in January, and the rest should be available by the end of 2001, the company said.

``It is a snapshot of the country at the end of the millennium, allowing people 100 years from now to see how we lived our lives and what our environment looked like,'' said Tristram Cary, the company's managing director.

The Web site is