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Minn., Haskins Head to Arbitration

April 9, 2002

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ Former Minnesota basketball coach Clem Haskins and the university agreed to have an arbitrator help settle their dispute over a $1.5 million buyout.

Hennepin County District Judge Richard Solum, the mediator during previous negotiations, will oversee the case.

Solum is expected to rule by April 30, with Hennepin County District Judge Deborah Hedlund to review the ruling. If approved, the case would end; if rejected, it would go to trial.

The university bought out Haskins’ contract in 1999 amid a cheating scandal in which coursework was done for some players by a former office manager in the academic counseling unit.

Five months after the buyout, a university investigation concluded that Haskins was involved in the fraud. The university sued to recover at least $1 million, plus punitive damages.

The NCAA also concluded Haskins was involved in the cheating.

University officials said Haskins lied to obtain the buyout. Haskins’ attorney said the university rushed into the buyout even though it had evidence to suspect he was involved in the cheating, and moved to recover it only after it was criticized.

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