Monsoon rains and tropical weather caused flooding in several parts of Asia. The water filled city streets and disrupted traffic and public transport networks in parts of Cambodia, the Philippines and India.

In other images from the Asia-Pacific region this week, Japan's Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko attended a memorial service commemorating the end of World War II. In his final address on the war anniversary before he abdicates next spring, Akihito expressed "deep remorse" for the war, which was fought in his father's name.

Vietnamese defendant Doan Thi Huong left court in Shah Alam, Malaysia, after a judge ordered her and Indonesian Siti Aisyah to enter their defense in their murder trial for the brazen assassination of Kim Jong Nam, the North Korean leader's half brother. Both women say they will testify when their trial resumes in November.

The Asian Games start Saturday with opening ceremonies featuring 5,000 performers, a mythological theme and a simulation of an erupting volcano. The games in Jakarta and other Indonesian locations will have athletes from 45 countries and territories competing.


This gallery was curated by Associated Press photo editor Shuji Kajiyama in Tokyo.


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