General election is April 2

January 4, 2019

In Watertown:

Four candidates will be running for mayor in the city of Watertown for elections this spring. First District Alderwoman Emily McFarland and 4th District Alderman Kurt Larsen of the Watertown Common Council, former mayor and Alderman Fred Smith and former District 9 Alderman Jim Romlein have filed papers and signatures to run for this position currently held by Mayor John David.

Under city term limits, David cannot run for re-election in April. He will have completed two consecutive three-year terms.

With four people running, a primary election will be required on Tuesday, Feb. 19, with the top two vote-getters advancing to the general elections on Tuesday, April 2.

A number of candidates are also running for alderman positions in the odd-numbered districts.

Bob Mudler is running unopposed for alderman of District 1. The position is currently held by McFarland who is a candidate for mayor.

Steven Board, Chris Ruetten and Stephanie Bykowski are candidates for the 3rd District alderman. The position is currently held by Ken Berg but he is not eligible to run for re-election.

With three candidates running for District 3 alderman, a primary election will be required.

Jill Holthaus is running unopposed for District 5 alderwoman. The seat is currently held by Alderman Steve Zgonc who is not eligible to run for re-election.

Cindia Cameron and Eric Schmid are candidates for the 7th District. Judith Cornell had filed papers and submitted signatures to run for District 7 but city Clerk Elissa Meltesen said there is an issue with the circulation date on one of Cornell’s signature sheets.

“They can’t sign that they circulated the paper before the signatures are obtained because how can they certify that they got all the signatures when the signatures weren’t even obtained when they signed it,” Meltesen explained to the Daily Times this morning.

Meltesen said she needs to file a correcting affidavit of nomination papers. As of now, Cornell does not have enough signatures without the six signatures that were disqualified due to the date.

“So once those signatures are restored to the count, she will have enough,” Meltesen said.

Meltesen said Cornell told her this morning she would come in to make the correction.

Augie Tietz is currently alderman of District 7 but because of term limits he is not eligible to seek re-election.

Alderwoman Linda Kilps is seeking re-election for District 9 and will be running unopposed.

In area school districts:

The Watertown Unified School District Board of Education will stay the same after this upcoming spring election on Tuesday, April 2.

Incumbents Steve Kauffeld, Ron Buchanan and Paul VanDenLangenberg are seeking re-election for their seats. No other individuals have taken out papers to run for their seats.

Other board members in the Watertown Unified School District include, school board President Tony Arnett, Vice President Jennifer Bakke and Treasurer Mark Holland, who terms end in 2020; Karrie Uttech, Frances Milburn and Fred Jandt who terms end in 2021.

A number of seats are open on other school boards in school districts in Jefferson and Dodge counties.

Three seats are open on the Dodgeland School District Board of Education. Clerk David Beal, Serene Seufzer and Andrew Oemig are seeking re-election and Bruce Haan is running for Beal’s seat.

Beal represents the city of Juneau and the town of Oak Grove. Oemig and Seufzer’s seats represents the village and town of Lowell and the town of Beaver Dam.

Incumbents Robert Dimperio, vice president, and Dr. Dawn Delaney, clerk, of the Lake Mills Area School District are also running for re-election.

In the Hustisford School District, incumbent John Bohonek, president, will be running for his rural seat and incumbent Jay Behnke, vice president, will be running for his at-large seat. No one else has filed papers to run for their seats in the spring.

In the Hustisford School District, a rural seat candidate can come from any of the school district’s rural voting municipalities. At-large seat candidates can come from any of the school district’s municipalities, both the rural ones and the village of Husitsford.

The seats of incumbents Mark Siewert and Carol O’Neil at the Johnson Creek School District are available for this upcoming election. Siewert is seeking re-election but O’Neil filed non-candidacy papers. Ken Johnson will be running for a seat on the school board.

The School District of Jefferson has two seats up for election in the spring. Incumbent Tanya Ball of Area 3, school board clerk, is running for re-election. President David Hollenberger of Area 4 will not be running again. No other candidates have taken out papers to run for either seat. Write-in votes for Hollenberger’s at-large seat will be taken on the spring ballot.

In the Jefferson school district, Area 3 represents the townships of Concord, Sullivan and the village of Sullivan. Area 4 is at-large, meaning candidates can come from any portion of the school district.

In the Waterloo School District, incumbents Bobbi Forman of Area 3, president, and Debra Stein of Area 4, clerk, are running again for their seats. No other individuals have taken out papers to run for their seats.

In the Waterloo School District, Area 3 includes the city of Waterloo, Jefferson County, and sections 31, 32 and the part of section 33 west of the Maunesha River, town of Portland, Dodge County, including the village of Portland.

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