Lou Wilber: Where did they go?

October 14, 2018


I’m an old white guy so that makes me guilty of everything wrong in the world. Ok I’ll assume that responsibility. You see, I remember FDR, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and even Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer. Those were the days I was a proud Democrat. As a Union steward and a past President of a local union I encouraged those around me to support the Democratic party.

After watching the past Supreme Court hearings and watching folks like Maxine Waters (who doesn’t even live in her district) and the rest of the socialists from the northeast and the west coast who are actuality advocating violence I can only predict that violence will occur. Those who want to turn this country back into the stale economy of two years ago, put folks out of work again and make people dependent upon the federal government baffle me!

If you believe your taxes are too low and wish to contribute more, please do so. I’m one of those who escaped the nutty leftest state of California which was once a beautiful state to live in until the liberals and Moonbeam took over. If socialist ideas you propose are great, visit Venezuela!

Lou Wilber

Lake Havasu City

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