2 ordinances on agenda

October 2, 2018

Two ordinances will be up for their final readings when the Watertown Common Council meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Watertown Municipal Building.

One ordinance would change the maximum height for fences from the current 36 inches to 48 inches. It will also include a provision that fences cannot be closer to the street than they are to the building on the lot.

The second ordinance would establish guidelines for allowing marquee signs in the Central Business District with certain qualifications. At the present time the marquee signs are not allowed in the Central Business District.

A number of resolutions will also be considered by the common council. Two resolutions are for approving bids for asbestos removal for 209 and 211 Market St., the former Market Street Inn, and a building on 1112 West St. which will be transferred to Clasen Quality Chocolates.

One resolution is to authorize a 2019 contract for EMS coverage for the village of Reeseville. If it passes, the rate would go up by 2 percent, causing the contract to increase by $249.20.

Another resolution is to approve the 2019 Fire Protection and EMS Agreement for the townships of Watertown, Milford, Emmet and Shields. It was discovered two years ago that the equalized value and tax rate the city of Watertown was charging the townships for fire protection was inadequate to cover the actual costs.

In 2019, the townships would pay $265,755.84, only half of the difference between the old rate and the true cost. The townships would pay the full cost in 2020.

The common council will view two resolutions that would authorize the sale of a 2005 Ford Escape and a 2008 leaf blower on the Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction site.

The last resolution the on the agenda is to authorize a block of time with Digicorp which handles the city’s information technology needs. The city uses hours in the blocks every time employees need IT expertise.

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