McCabe isn’t as honest as he says -- Denny Caneff

August 8, 2018

A basic qualification for candidates for Wisconsin governor should be honesty.

Mike McCabe is not honest with his claim on his “Governor Blue Jeans” website that he “helped start the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.” I should know, because I started it -- with three other people who are not McCabe.

I recruited McCabe to the WDC board a couple of years after we started the group, when he was working as a lobbyist for the Madison School District. Gail Shea was the group’s first executive director and admirably attempted to do what the founders had hoped -- make it a grassroots, broad-based advocacy group. McCabe turned it into a one-man punditry.

Along with honesty, the ability to manage something bigger than a small nonprofit should be a qualification Democratic primary voters should consider.

Denny Caneff, Duluth, Minnesota

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