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Some Of Barbie’s Identity Papers Lost

October 9, 1986

LYON, France (AP) _ Documents belonging to Klaus Barbie, accused of Nazi war crimes, have been lost for 10 months at the prison where he is being held, the prison director said Thursday.

The director, Jacques Daguerre, told reporters the documents included Barbie’s Bolivian identity card, issued in the false name of Klaus Altman.

He said the papers and some unspecified objects were missing when an inventory was done last December at Lyon’s St.-Paul prison. He said work was being done at the time in the prison cloakroom, where the documents and objects were kept, and the room was reorganized several times.

Daguerre said other prisoners also had lost items.

″Its not the first time that objects left in the cloakroom have disappeared,″ he said.

The public prosecutor’s office in Lyon said the loss of the documents was being investigated but would not affect the case against Barbie. It said collectors may have been involved, but did not elaborate.

Barbie, called the ″Butcher of Lyon″ because of his alleged role in sending tens of thousands of French Jews and resistance workers to concentration camps, lived in Bolivia for many years after World War II.

He was expelled in 1983 to French Guyana, where he was arrested.

His trial is expected to begin in 1987, after a French appeals court examines the cases of two former resistance workers who recently have become civil parties in the case.

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