Woman rescued after falling through Lake Mendota ice, Madison Fire Dept. says

February 16, 2019

A woman walking her dog on frozen Lake Mendota fell through the ice Thursday, with the woman being rescued by the Madison Fire Department’s lake rescue team.

The incident happened at about 12:20 p.m. off the shore of Spring Harbor Park on the lake’s southwest shore.

Fire units arriving on scene saw the woman lying prone on the ice about 75 yards off shore.

“She said she had been walking her dog when she stepped on a crack and fell through the ice, landing in waist-deep water,” said MFD spokeswoman Cynthia Schuster.

“Her attempts to crawl back onto the ice and move away from the hole resulted in more ice breaking along the way,” Schuster said.

One firefighter was able to get about 20 feet away and was able to toss a rope to her, the woman grabbing the rope and taken off the ice.

“She was able to walk to the ambulance where paramedics evaluated her,” Schuster said. “She didn’t suffer hypothermia and asked not to be taken to the hospital.”