A winter storm has hit Nebraska, bringing ice and snow from western to northeastern Nebraska

December 28, 2018

LINCOLN - A winter storm has roared into Nebraska, bringing ice and snow from southwestern Nebraska into northeastern Nebraska, with rain falling in other parts of the state.

Meteorologist David Pearson with the National Weather Service says this storm is on the move to the east.

“Statewide this storm is causing a lot of issues,” according to Pearson. “We are seeing a lot of cold air come in behind. The rain that fell in the eastern part of the state, the ground is wet, we are going to see the roads get very messy. There is a lot of snow and ice issues as well to the west as well and travel is discouraged, especially going west and north.”

Pearson says what was fine an hour ago is not fine now.

That cold air is moving east and any precipitation on the ground will freeze. There are multiple accidents reported in the central and western part of the state, enough on I-80 to close the interstate between North Platte and Lexington.

“Anybody traveling today should consider sticking close to home and paying attention to road conditions,” Pearson says.

Click here for road conditions from the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

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