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Fans, Youths Attack Police After German Defeat

June 22, 1988

HAMBURG, West Germany (AP) _ Ten policemen were reported injured today as soccer fans and youth gangs battled in Hamburg after the Netherlands’ victory over West Germany in the European soccer championships, authorities said.

Bernd Metterhausen, spokesman for the Hamburg police, said a gang of about 1,000 German fans clashed in a red-light district of this northern city. The unrest continued into the early hours today.

The Reeperbahn, an area of Hamburg noted for its sex cinemas and peep shows, was lined with police vans as about 600 riot police, some with dogs, restored order.

The officers, in helmets and shields, made at least 30 arrests, police said.

Several hundred Dutch fans, who were celebrating the 2-1 victory Tuesday night that will put their team into the finals of the tournament, appeared to be taking no part in the violence.

In Aachen, near the Dutch border, one drunken Dutch fan fell to his death from his hotel room early today, Metterhausen said.

Metterhausen said the clashes began shortly before midnight, when fans returning from the match began attacking the police.

″We were dealing with that incident when a gang of punks, who live in the harbor area of the city, came up to the Reeperbahn and also joined in,″ Metterhausen said.

The German groups - including right-wing extremists and rival leftists - also attacked each other, with police officers caught in the middle, officials said.

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