HOUSTON (AP) _ A high school valedictorian lost his title and the chance to address today's commencement ceremonies after he was suspended for hiring a stripper to entertain a teacher, officials say.

''I don't want to be represented as someone who's bitter about this,'' said Mike Woosley, 18. ''But I think their (school officials) actions are a little bit ludicrous. ...

''I think it's purely political,'' Woosley said. ''I've been a sparkplug all year. I don't fit the mold of conservative Kingwood. I think they didn't trust me to speak at the graduation.''

The Kingwood High School student was suspended Thursday for six days because he violated the rules, school district spokeswoman Karen Collier said Monday.

He will not be able to take his final examinations as scheduled or attend commencement exercises, she said. Woosley was supposed to address his senior class of 640 during commencement exercises tonight.

Fellow students who felt the suspension was too harsh pledged to boycott the ceremonies. A petition to allow Woosley to participate was started at a student party Saturday, said student Jill White.

A sign in a school hallway reads ''We won't walk without Woosley,'' student Gina Parker said.

''He's got the greatest sense of humor and is an all-American kind of guy,'' Miss White said of Woosley. ''I think it's pretty stupid for him to get suspended. Every year the seniors play a practical joke.''

Miss Parker said Woosley was suspended because his name was on the money order used to pay for the stripper, ''but everyone brought money to help pay for it.''

The stripper was hired as a treat for physics teacher John Doolittle. The woman, dressed as a police officer, interrogated Doolittle about some unpaid parking tickets before she started to take her clothes off. She was stopped by a school administrator.

Ms. Collier said the school board supported the suspension, and added, ''The parents of this young man are backing our action.''

Woosley and his parents could not be reached for comment by telephone late Monday. The school principal was not home Monday evening and did not return telephone calls to The Associated Press.