Utah Valley Animal Rescue Pet of the Week: Pigeon

December 16, 2018

This gorgeous girl is Pigeon, lovingly called Pidge.

Even though she is barely 6 pounds and only has three legs, nothing stops this girl. She is fearless and believes every human, dog and cat are her friends.

Once she really gets to know you, she will groom you and lick you all over. She is a little firecracker and loves to be in the middle of everything.

With the Christmas tree now up you can find her climbing up the trunk and perching herself near the top. But don’t worry, with her small frame, she hasn’t knocked it over.

Even though this cat had her leg amputated about three months ago, she has never missed it. She has never let it be an excuse for her. She runs, jumps and plays just as well as any cat. She hasn’t found a thing she can’t climb. She has not perfected jumping down from high places, and is unbalanced in that with three legs. But it hasn’t stopped her from climbing up, and once down it doesn’t stop her from continuing on.

This girl is an absolute cuddle bug and loves people. Her favorite thing is to burrow; and you always need to be on the look out so you don’t sit on her. Perfectly made bed with a tiny lump? It’s Pidge under the covers. A couch with one oversized pillow? Pidge is under it. A pile of blankets you keep meaning to fold? Pidge has made herself at home under them. This girl can go, go, go, and when she’s tired, she likes to burrow under anything and take a nice long nap.

This girl has the biggest personality in a tiny body. Her recovery has gone very well. The next step in her journey is to find that family that will love her forever.

If that could be you, apply at http://www.uvar.us/adopt.

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