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Throw a Moon Pie, Wade Through Pools of Grit at First BubbaFest

October 29, 1993

GREER, S.C. (AP) _ Got a hankering for barbecue or just some down-home fun? Head down to the Squeeze Pleeze Restaurant and Fishing Lake for BubbaFest ’93.

The inaugural festival has everything a budding Bubba might desire: country music, sports, wading pools full of grits, a Moon Pie toss and the crowning of the royal Bubba and Bubbette.

″A Bubba is just a hard-working, family, patriotic type of guy who’s very unpretentious and loves to have a good time,″ organizer Debbie Hoag said.

Planners hope Saturday’s celebration will draw as many as 15,000 visitors and put the small community of Sugar Tit on the map.

The community of several hundred people near Greer grew around a crossroads in the northwestern part of the state but has never been incorporated.

It got its name from an old-time pacifier, a bit of sugar wrapped in cheesecloth that mothers gave babies to calm them. Men would gather at the general store and their wives joked there must be ″sugar tits″ down there, organizer Toby Goodlett said.

The festival has grabbed some big-time attention: Pepsi and Wal-Mart are among its sponsors, and the sports cable channel ESPN said it would send a crew, Goodlett said.

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