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May 30, 1990

Undated (AP) _ ″The prosecutors have been dipping and dabbling in the politics of Washington for a long time, and it’s unconscionable. ... And then they tried to kill me, it’s unprecedented.″ - Mayor Marion Barry of Washington acknowledging he smoked crack the night of his Jan. 18 arrest, which he said was part of a long effort by federal authorities to discredit him.


″We would rather be dead here than go back to Vietnam.″ - Nguyen Van Nam, one of 7,000 Vietnamese boat people at the High Island Detention Center in Hong Kong seeking refugee status.


″When they come back we have tapes of people fixing their roofs, we have tapes of people shopping, even though they can’t walk - allegedly. We have tapes of people loading heavy things into their vehicles.″ - Finance Director Ben Hayllar of Pittsburgh describing the videotaping of city employees fraudulently collecting workers’ compensation.

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