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November 6, 1987

PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) _ Roy Rogers and a posse of attorneys galloped into U.S. District Court to head off Happy Trails Department Stores at the pass.

Rogers and the attorneys claimed the stores were using the name without permission.

The saga ended peacefully Wednesday when Judge Earl H. Carroll approved a settlement under which Happy Trails will change the name of stores here and in Denver by March 1. The stores also will stop using the song ″Happy Trails″ which was written in 1951 by Rogers’ wife, Dale Evans.

Happy Trails Department Stores, owned by Asco Inc., has operated five stores in the Phoenix area since 1976, selling clothing, tobacco and records.

Asco’s attorney, Gregory J. Nelson, said a new name has not been picked.

Rogers and Evans sued the stores in May 1985, saying they had suffered damage to their reputations as ″champions of decency, law and justice″ because the song and phrase Happy Trails were used to help sell ″drug paraphernalia.″

Happy Trails was the couple’s trademark in movies, television and, most recently, a restaurant chain and development projects.

Rogers and Evans, of Victorville, Calif., had no comment on the settlement, a spokesman said Wednesday.


OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - Who else but Mickey Rooney would appear in the world premiere of ″Mickey Rooney in Mickey Rooney.″

The actor will perform, present film clips from his movies, tell stories, do impersonations and answer questions during the show, premiering Nov. 22.

Rooney chose Omaha, said Karen Engelsman, executive director of the National Kidney Foundation of Nebraska. Rooney is national spokesman for the kidney foundation.

″Mickey Rooney likes the family, the small town rather than the big city,″ she said. ″He likes the heartland, so what better place for a premiere than Omaha?″

Rooney starred in ″Boys Town,″ the movie about the Omaha boys home.


BOSTON (AP) - Charles U. Daly, new director of the John F. Kennedy Library, said Friday he wants to expand exhibits and archives in an effort to attract more visitors, both old and new.

His appointment was announced Friday at a news conference at the libary by Frank Burke, acting archivist of the United States.

″His academic experience combined with a broad knowledge of government and community affairs will add a new and enriching dimension to the library’s administration,″ said Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late president and president of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

The library, one of eight presidential museums, has attracted more than 2.3 million visitors since its opening in 1979.

Daly takes over Jan. 1 from John Stewart, who has been acting director since Dan Fenn’s retirement in January 1986. Daly was a staff assistant to President Kennedy for congressional liaison from 1961 to 1964.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Three hundred people warmly congratulated Burgess Meredith as his star was unveiled on the Walk of Fame.

Meredith, known as the villainous Penguin on the ″Batman″ television series and as the hard-nosed fight manager in the ″Rocky″ and Rocky II″ movies, became the 1,859th person to be honored with a star on the Hollywood walk.

The actor, 78, and his family were joined by actors Brenda Vaccaro and Carrol O’Connor, said Hollywood Chamber of Commerce spokeswoman Anna Martinez.

Meredith has starred in movies and television and on Broadway and radio and has also worked as a writer, director and producer. His more than 50 movies include ″Of Mice and Men″ ″Day of the Locust″ and ″Tom, Dick and Harry.″


HAMBURG, West Germany (AP) - Thousands of people turned out in a drizzle to welcome Britain’s Prince Charles and Princess Diana on Friday, although Hamburg’s militant squatters fired flares at police and unfurled a banner proclaiming ″Victory to the IRA.″

It was the first protest of any kind during the couple’s weeklong visit to West Germany that ends Saturday, but police said they apparently never saw the incident as they toured the city.

Squatters in an old section of Hamburg’s Elbe River harbor area have often battled with riot police, stalling plans by authorities to tear down the rundown buildings.

The couple rode in a motorcade through Hamburg, after being greeted at the airport by Mayor Klaus von Dohnanyi and other officials after a one-hour flight from Munich. They had spent two days in southern Bavaria.

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