Fireworks forecast: Hit-and-miss storms, humidity

July 4, 2018

Current Temperatures, DMA

Festive fireworks might be interrupted by shower or two on Wednesday, but according to WRAL meteorologist Mike Moss, you don’t have to cancel your plans.

According to Moss, starting mid-afternoon into the evening, there will be about a 30 percent chance for a passing shower or storm.

“The likelihood of getting wet this afternoon and into the evening is not that great, but do be aware of the potential for a passing storm cell or two,” said Moss.

Prior to dusk, Wednesday will be quiet and dry, with party cloudy skies for afternoon cookouts or trips to the pool.

Track rain and storms

Any storms that do appear won’t be severe, and they should pass fairly quickly. As is typical on hot summer evenings, be prepared for rain or storms at any time.

For this reason, some fireworks shows may be postponed, but it is unlikely that any will be canceled.

Highs will be in the upper 80s to low 90s during the afternoon’s festivities.

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Thursday and Friday will mimic Wednesday, with humidity and a chance for afternoon storms, before highs drop into the low 80s for Saturday, which will be the coolest day of the week.

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