4-H winners at Olmsted County Fair

August 17, 2018

Exhibitor Name Awards

Aiden Allen Reserve Champion in Poultry Show and Hobby; Champion Senior Poultry Showperson; Grand Champion in Individual Demonstration

Hannah Kuisle Reserve Champion in the Cat Project; Grand Champion in Health

Isaac Nelson Reserve Champion in the Dog Project; Reserve Champion in Fine Arts; Reserve Champion in Robotics, Grand Champion in Electric; Reserve Champion in Consumer Education

Hope Nelson Grand Champion in Performing Arts-Music (Piano); Reserve Champion in Performing Arts-Music (Non-Piano); Grand Champion in Clothes You Buy; Reserve Champion in Food Revue

Clara Fogelson Reserve Champion in Crafts and Kits

Andrew Bogard Grand Champion in Fine Arts

Martin Bureau Champion in Poultry Show and Hobby; Champion Novice Poultry Showperson; Reserve Champion in Aerospace

Aidan Rucker Grand Champion in Aerospace

Milan Gupta Grand Champion in Bicycle

Amani Gupta Reserve Champion in Bicycle

Ryan Glascock Grand Champion in Computer

Graham Gurtner Reserve Champion in Electric

Ryan Jirik Reserve Champion in Small Engines; Grand Champion in Entomology

Erin Johannes Grand Champion in Horse Pole Weaving; Grand Champion in Horse Jump Figure 8; Reserve Champion in Horse Key Hole Reserve Champion Shop/Wood Science

Madeline Weimer Reserve Champion in Clothes You Make; Reserve Champion in Clothes You Buy

Jason Ryan Reserve Champion in Clothing Non-Garment

Rachel Ryan Grand Champion in Food and Nutrition

Jessica Kaiser Grand Champion in Food Preservation; Grand Champion in Food Revue

Jenifer Giefer Reserve Champion in Food Preservation; Grand Champion in Crop Sciences-Fruit; Grand Champion in Vegetable Gardening

James Ostman Grand Champion in Safety; Grand Champion in Self-Determined

Eliana Bryan-Wegner Reserve Champion in Scrapbooking

Joshua Zemke Grand Champion in Exploring the Environment; Grand Champion in Fishing Sports

Mitchell Kaul Grand Champion in Shooting Sports and Wildlife Management; Grand Champion in Crop Sciences-Corn; Grand Champion in Crop Sciences-Small Grains and Legumes

Brooke Bottemiller Reserve Champion in Shooting Sports and Wildlife Management

Emily Siem Reserve Champion in Wildlife and Biology

Evan Kahn Grand Champion in Plant and Soil Science

Luke Borst Grand Champion Market Rabbit; Grand Champion in Crop Sciences-Potatoes; Reserve Champion Dairy Steer

Garret Rossman Reserve Champion Intermediate Breeding Beef Showperson; Reserve Champion in Crop Sciences-Potatoes

Elise Willman Reserve Champion in Child and Family Development

Megan Holland Grand Champion in Needle Arts

Michaela Long Reserve Champion in Needle Arts

Malia Talwalkar Grand Champion in Flower Gardening

Mary Griffin Reserve Champion in Indoor Gardening

Reed Kohlmeyer Grand Champion in Youth Leadership

Nicholas Weick Champion Crossbred Dairy

Daniel Klingsporn Reserve Champion Registered Senior Red & White Holstein; Grand Champion Novice Swine Showperson

Kenzie Below Reserve Champion Dairy Goat

Elizabeth Krause Champion Market Goat; Reserve Champion Market Goat; Grand Champion Intermediate Market Goat Showperson

Emma Kuisle Reserve Champion Intermediate Dairy Goat Showperson

Colin Brass Champion Beef Cow/Calf; Reserve Champion Beef Cow/Calf; Champion Senior Breeding Beef Showperson

Corbin Allen Champion Beef Steer; Reserve Champion Senior Market Beef Showperson

James Rossman Reserve Champion Beef Steer; Champion Novice Market Beef Showperson; Reserve Champion Market Gilt

Ella Hanson Top Placing Polled Herford Heifer; Reserve Champion Lama

Matthew Allen Reserve Champion Senior Breeding Beef Showperson

Brody Allen Champion Intermediate Market Beef Showperson

Nick Rossman Reserve Champion Intermediate Market Beef Person

Anna Rucker Reserve Champion Novice Breeding Beef Showperson

Christopher Bureau Reserve Champion Market Chickens

Maria Kraus Champion White Egg Production Chickens

Braden Neumann Reserve Champion Market Ducks; Reserve Champion Poultry Senior Showperson; Reserve Champion Senior Rabbit Showperson

Marshall Gosse-Graham Reserve Champion Doe and Litter; Grand Champion Rabbit Fur Class

Gillian Toney Grand Champion Novice Rabbit Showperson

Andrea Parker Rabbit Project Youth Leader Award

Madeline Atwell Reserve Champion in Horse Training

Cassidy Schoenfelder Reserve Champion in Horse Trail Class

Krista Schoenfelder Grand Champion in Horse Showmanship; Grand Champion in Western Hosremandship

Danika Drake Reserve Champion in Horse Pole Weaving

Abby Zmolek Reserve Champion in Hose Barrels

Emily Domnick Grand Champion in Horse Related

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