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August 13, 1985

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Pop music star Madonna and the boy she’s a toy for, actor Sean Penn, have finished the paperwork and set the date.

The names Madonna Louise Ciccone and Sean Penn appeared on a marriage license taken out Monday by the casually dressed, sunglass-wearing couple. A spokeswoman for Madonna has said the ceremony will be Friday in Beverly Hills.

Penn listed his profession as actor and Madonna as entertainer in the music field. According to the license, Madonna will celebrate her 27th birthday Friday and Penn his 25th on Saturday.

Madonna, the self-proclaimed ″Boy Toy,″ began her pop music career with the songs ″Holiday″ and ″Borderline,″ but became a sensation performing ″Like A Virgin″ and ″Material Girl.″

The media-shy Penn has portrayed a drugged-out surfer in ″Fast Times at Ridgemont High″ and a spy in ″The Falcon and the Snowman.″


SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - Thousands of screaming fans crowded the airport to greet the teen-age pop group Menudo, just months after two women were trampled to death during their last Brazilian concert tour.

The Globo TV Network, Brazil’s largest, broadcast film of throngs of teenagers, many fainting from exhaustion, pressing to see the Puerto Rican pop idols. The network estimated the crowd at 2,000.

The state public security office announced a special security scheme for the concerts to be held this week in Sao Paulo’s Iburepuera Gymnasium.

Last february, a middle-aged woman and teen-aged girl were trampled to death in Rio de Janeiro by frenzied crowds trying to enter the soccer stadium where the pop group was to perform.


ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - American astronaut James Irwin, who walked on the moon, is awaiting permission to search for Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat, the biblical mountain now the site of raids by suspected Kurdish guerrillas.

Turkish authorities ″will let us go when they take the situation under control,″ Irwin said Monday in an interview with The Associated Press while he waited for word at a friend’s house.

Irwin was hoping to make his fourth ascent on the mount, the legendary site of the ark, in which the Bible says Noah and his family escaped a great flood along with at least two of every kind of animal on Earth.

Authorities on Wednesday banned climbs of Ararat temporarily after a string of raids by suspected Kurdish fighters on camps of American, French, Japanese and West German mountaineers. Authorities said the guerrillas held the climbers hostage for three hours before releasing them with a warning not to climb.


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Burt Reynolds is healthy and preparing to direct an episode of Steven Spielberg’s televison series, ″Amazing Stories,″ but false rumors persist that the actor has been hospitalized with AIDS, his agent says.

″If anyone (cared), they could have seen him on ‘The Merv Griffin Show’ last week,″ agent David Gershenson said Monday, adding that he was becoming angry over the questions about his client’s health.

″It’s incredible. People keep checking San Francisco to see if he’s in the hospital. If they’d check their sources, they wouldn’t have to call all over the place checking to see if they’re true,″ Gershenson said.

San Francisco General Hospital has received a number of calls asking about Reynolds, ″but he’s not here,″ said a hospital spokeswoman.

Reynolds has been highly visible on the Universal Studios lot, preparing to film his ″Amazing Stories″ espisode titled ″Guilt Trip,″ said Gershenson and Sally Van Slyke, director of publicity for the series.

Reynolds, who last directed and starred in the drama ″Stick,″ is also set to direct an episode of NBC’s ″Alfred Hitchcock Presents,″ Gershenson said. ″And he won’t be doing it from a hospital bed.″


ATLANTA (AP) - Amy Carter, the teen-age daughter of former President Jimmy Carter, is among 120 people visiting Moscow in a Friendship Force exchange.

The group left Saturday for a two-week visit to the Soviet Union, said Bobbie Jones, director of exchange operations for the Friendship Force, a private, non-profit program based in Atlanta.

Most of the group, including Miss Carter, will return Aug. 24. The rest will visit Germany, Austria and Switzerland before returning Aug. 31.

The Friendship Force visit to the Soviet Union reciprocates a visit by 31 Russians to Georgia in May.


MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Five members of country music star Lee Greenwood’s band, including his son Marc, were injured when one of their buses was involved in a collision with a semi-trailer, a spokeswoman said.

Greenwood was in another bus and was uninjured Monday, said publicist Kathy Gangwisch. Marc Greenwood suffered a sprained ankle.

Keyboard player Gene Lorenzo had a broken left wrist; piano player Mickey Olson, rythm guitarist Paul Uhrig, and his brother, bassist Rick Uhrig, suffered back problems, Ms. Gangwisch said.

Greenwood and his band appeared later Monday at the Ohio State Fair, she said.

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