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Parts of Bodies Found in Trash Bags

September 9, 1985

HOUSTON (AP) _ A man who spotted a dog dragging a human head down a road discovered three trash bags filled with pieces of the dismembered bodies of a man and a woman, a sheriff’s investigator said.

Weldon Dobbs of Houston saw the small black dog dragging what appeared to be another animal Sunday afternoon, said Deputy C.M. Patberg.

″I stopped the truck, and when I looked, I saw it was a female head,″ Dobbs said.

Dobbs shooed away the dog, covered the head with a workshirt and flagged down the next driver, he said. He instructed the surprised but cooperative man to guard the head until he called police.

While waiting back at the scene, Dobbs said, he spotted several large, green trash bags lying near the head. ″I didn’t want to mess with it. The head was enough for me,″ Dobbs said.

Investigators discovered three garbage bags filled with human body parts, said Lt. W.M. Porter. One bag contained a man’s head and the other two bags contained a woman’s torso and a woman’s legs.

Detective Ronnie Phillips Sr. said the woman appeared to have been shot in the right cheek and near the right eye.

Phillips said investigators will not know how or why the two were killed until they are able to identify them. An autopsy was scheduled for today.

Phillips estimated that the bodies had been dumped less than 48 hours before they were found. He said the bags would have gone unnoticed because ″this is a normal dumping area for people to go to.″

″If it hadn’t been for that dog, who knows how long they would have been there,″ Patberg said.

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