Maggie Kraft: Gas tax bill has potential for hybrids

February 9, 2019

Editor: How do you feel about a 25 cent gas tax increase? House Bill 2536, proposed by Rep. Noel Campbell from Prescott, plans to do just that. The roads are crumbling, he says, and this tax is needed. What I find interesting is Bill 2536 plans an extra tax for electric and hybrid cars. Rather than reward electric vehicle (EV) owners for reducing their carbon footprint, he wants to charge them more. This bill would tax EVs $130 the first year, $175 the second year and $198 the third year — the rationale being “it’s fair” because EVs “don’t buy gasoline but still use the roads.” Being a hybrid owner, I could oppose this bill saying “it’s not fair” but I realize it has potential. If HB 2536 taxed just gas, it could help both roads and air quality. This gas tax could encourage people to buy more fuel efficient cars to save money. More EVs on the road – cleaner air to breathe. So House Bill 2536 could be a smart solution to both better roads and air quality. I think that’s fair to say, don’t you?

Maggie Kraft


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