NEW YORK (AP) _ A disabled 6-year-old Hasidic boy was safe at home Friday, surrounded by balloons and smiling at loved ones after a baby sitter allegedly kidnapped him because he needed ``a better place to live.''

Jacob and Leah Weill opened a bottle of Manischewitz wine to celebrate son Chaim's return as friends and neighbors packed their small apartment.

``This is a big miracle,'' Weill said.

Chaim, who has cerebral palsy and can't speak, disappeared Tuesday with Theresa Goldberg when she took him for a walk while his family celebrated the Jewish holidays.

Mrs. Goldberg and her husband, David Goldberg, were charged with kidnapping Chaim, who is in a wheelchair, and taking him out of state. They believed, according to a federal complaint, that Chaim ``needed a better place to live.''

The complaint said that Goldberg told the FBI his wife planned to take Chaim to South Carolina.

Goldberg initially told police his wife wanted to go to South Carolina to seek a religious or medical cure for Chaim, but that was not addressed in the complaint. Mrs. Goldberg is a Jehovah's Witness and had once been Chaim's full-time nanny.

Mrs. Goldberg appeared briefly Friday before a federal magistrate in Richmond, Va., and will have another appearance there Monday. Her husband had a bail hearing in federal court in Brooklyn and was released on a recognizance bond.

Mrs. Goldberg, 40, was arrested Thursday night in a hotel parking lot in suburban Richmond after she and Chaim were found sleeping in a car.

Chaim's sidelocks were cut off and his yarmulke was thrown away, Weill said. The Weills are ultra-Orthodox Jews who believe in a Biblical prohibition against cutting males' side curls.