Boys accused of stealing, crashing car

April 3, 2019

Two boys were taken to the hospital and later Allen County Juvenile Center on Tuesday after authorities said they went on a joyride in a stolen vehicle then crashed into an unoccupied home at Reed and Pontiac streets early Tuesday.

About 12:20 a.m., patrol officers saw the white Chevy Impala and followed it as it sped up then crashed, said Sgt. Jim Seay of the Fort Wayne Police Department’s community relations division.

No one was injured, but the boys were arrested, Seay said.

Man accused of molesting girl, 6

An accused child molester blamed his 6-year-old victim for initiating the sex acts, but investigators didn’t believe him.

Charles Edward Snyder, 63, of New Haven was charged Monday with child molesting and child exploitation.

On March 27, photos of the molestation were discovered on Snyder’s cellphone after a guest at his trailer stopped by to see if he could borrow the phone, according to court documents.

When the guest opened up the cellphone, the first thing he saw were photos of the girl and Snyder “doing inappropriate things.” The borrower sent the photos to the girl’s mother who immediately took the girl out of school and called police.

That day, Snyder was questioned in a squad car and turned over his cellphone to an officer, but he said the victim was the one who took the photos.

Snyder said “he didn’t know what this was about, but stated there were pictures of her on the phone,” court documents said. He admitted the photos were taken at his trailer.

As the officer scrolled down to find more photos with different sex acts, the officer said the photos were dated March 8.

Snyder said he and the victim were sleeping in his living room on an air mattress when he woke up to the 6-year-old performing sex acts on him and teasing him, asking him to take photos. He said he meant to send the photos to the girl’s mother so the girl could be “disciplined,” court documents said.

The victim was interviewed at the Dr. Bill Lewis Sexual Assault Center the same day the photos were discovered.

Snyder was being held at Allen County Jail in lieu of $35,000 bail. He has a court hearing Thursday.