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On The Light Side

May 28, 1986

LYNNVILLE, Ind. (AP) _ Folks around Lynnville are joking that there must be something in the water. Since February, three sets of twins have been born in this tiny community of 628 people.

The chance of that happening in a community of Lynnville’s size is 1 in 100,000, said Dr. Robert Calhoun, director of public health statistics at the Indiana Board of Health.

Bob and Connie McCleland inaugurated the population explosion when their twins, Felicia Nicole and Kyle Thomas, were born Feb. 22.

On April 5, Gordon and Susan Wood had Lisa May and Katherine Lynn. Four days later, Brady McClain and Jordan Scot were born to B.J. and Jammie Siebe.

All three families have one older child. The women credit their husbands and older children with helping care for the twins.

″The twins get whoever’s available or whoever’s least tired,″ Mrs. Wood joked.

A fourth pair of twins will arrive in mid-June when Stacy and Lisa Moore move their new family to Lynnville. Whitney Elaine and Kerby LeeAnn were born Dec. 16.

In 1991, the town’s twins may comprise nearly half of a kindergarten class at Lynnville Elementary School. Currently, there are 20 students in the morning and afternoon kindergarten sessions.


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - When someone calls the parsonage of St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church and asks for the Rev. Sidorak, a child’s voice is likely to inquire, ″Do you want Rev. Stephen or Rev. Alexis?″

Alexis and Stephen Sidorak are both Methodist ministers. She is pastor of St. Andrew’s, while he is executive director of the Hartford-based Peace Center of the Christian Conference of Connecticut. They also have three children.

″I do believe it makes all the difference in the world that we have a common purpose,″ said Mrs. Sidorak, who met her husband while both were attending Yale Divinity School. ″We’re on the same team, focused on the same direction.″ ″There’s an empathy,″ Sidorak said. ″Each of us is aware what the other is up against.″

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