Rhythm of Japan

February 28, 2019

Don Don Do-Ro Don. Don Don Do-Ro Don. Students at Jefferson School in Dixon were treated to the rhythms of Japanese taiko drumming Wednesday afternoon. Ondekoza, a five-member group from Japan, performed for the students and demonstrated the different sounds and rhythms that can be achieved by striking different parts of the drum with their hands or bachi (sticks). The group used a variety of drums, including the Chu-taiko, the largest drum Ondekoza used in its performance; it weighs weighs 100 pounds and produces a thunderous sound. They also use a variety of Shime-daiko, drums that traditionally are tied together with ropes and produce sounds similar to snare drums. Ondekoza is visiting the Sauk Valley as part of Arts Midwest World Fest, sponsored locally by the Woodlawn Arts Academy. The group will perform Saturday at 7 p.m. at Sterling High School; tickets cost $10. Go to centennialauditorium.org for more information.

– Photos by Michael Krabbenhoeft/mkrabbenhoeft@saukvalley.com