Bernie Sanders plans to reintroduce ‘Medicare for All’ bill

April 10, 2019

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced in an email to supporters Wednesday that he plans to reintroduce his Medicare-for-All bill in the Senate, hoping to build momentum behind an effort that has proved popular on the 2020 campaign trail, but largely sputtered on Capitol Hill.

“Today I am reintroducing Medicare for All legislation in the Senate,” Mr. Sanders said. “And it’s important that we send an unmistakable message to my colleagues that health care must be guaranteed as a right for all Americans.”

“All Americans are entitled to go to the doctor when they’re sick and not go bankrupt after staying in the hospital,” he said.

Mr. Sanders pushed a similar plan in the last session of Congress, winning scores of headlines and burnishing his credentials as a champion for liberal policies that excite the base of the party.

The measure captured the support of 16 Democratic lawmakers - including four contenders for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination - the day the bill was introduced.

After that, though, it did not win any more support from members of the Senate.