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Our View: After habitat hiatus, Lake Havasu will enjoy refreshing of fishery

Staff WriterMay 25, 2019

Lake Havasu now enjoys a reputation as a premiere western bass fishery. It wasn’t always so and it won’t stay that way by itself.

As a man-made reservoir, the lake, or at least the life within it, has a fairly short life cycle. Trees and other vegetation covered when the lake formed provided good habitat for fish, at least for a while. Silt accumulations and decay took a lot of that habitat away. By the early 1990s, Lake Havasu was pretty beat as a fishery.

A number of federal, state and local agencies stepped in to create artificial habitat in dozens of locations around the lake. Initially, the habitat was all man-made materials. Later, the wire-bound brush baskets attracted fish and helped propel the fishery into its current healthy state.

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