LOS ANGELES (AP) _ People who helped capture the man charged with murder in the ''Night Stalker'' case have been honored by the City Council and Mayor Tom Bradley.

The Night Stalker has been blamed for at least 14 slayings and 21 assaults in California.

Richard Ramirez, 25, was arrested Saturday when East Los Angeles residents cornered him after he allegedly tried to steal cars in their nighborhood. Three days later, he was charged with one slaying and seven other felony counts, and authorities said more charges are pending.

Bradley called Angelina De La Torre, who fought Ramirez as he allegedly tried to steal her car, ''the feisty young woman who said no to the suspect.''

Also lauded were her husband, Manuel De La Torre, who along with neighbor Jose Burgoin and his sons, Jaime and Julio, pursued and caught Ramirez. Phastino Pinon, who fought Ramirez as he allegedly tried to steal Pinon's daughter's car, was also praised.

Bradley said the $70,000 reward fund for the Night Stalker's capture and conviction should be awarded now, and should be issued whether there is a conviction or not.

The city, county, state, private agencies and residents have contributed to the fund. Bradley suggested that representatives of each group should decide who should receive the money and when.

The City Council asked the Police Department and the city attorney to determine who should receive the $25,000 posted by the city.

Manuel De La Torre, Jose Burgoin and Pinon were also honored by the county Board of Supervisors, who gave them plaques Tuesday. A spokesman for Supervisor Ed Edelman said plaques would also be awarded to Mrs. De La Torre and the Burgoin brothers.

The supervisors also gave plaques to Frank Moreno and Carmelo Robles, who earlier chased Ramirez, and Deputy Andre Ramirez, who arrested him.