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Polish Government Accuses American Diplomat of Spying

June 21, 1986

WARSAW, Poland (AP) _ The Polish government has accused a U.S. diplomat of spying, claiming he had ″extra-diplomatic″ interests and contacts with the opposition.

The offical news agency PAP on Friday identified the diplomat as Stephen Donald Mull, a secondary secretary in the political section of the U.S. Embassy who has been in Poland for two years.

PAP said Mull was a ″staffer of U.S. intelligence known for his ‘extra- diplomatic’ interests and lively contacts with the anti-state opposition in Poland.″

PAP and state television reports did not say whether Mull would be expelled. Paul Smith, a press officer at the embassy in Warsaw, said he had no comment.

The news agency said Mull received information from a man identified as Bogdan Charyton, a 44-year-old Warsaw physiotherapist. Charyton was accused of spying for the United States and passing on political and military intelligence beginning in 1981 while he was abroad, the agency said.

In an interview broadcast on state television, a man identified as Charyton acknowledged meeting Mull in Warsaw. The report showed the man identifying Mull’s photograph.

″I recognize this gentleman, this is Steve Mull,″ the man said while pointing to the photograph. ″I have met him twice. The third meeting did not take place.

″Mull is interested in all underground movement, resistance, activities of the underground,″ the man said. The reports did not give a date of Charyton’s arrest.

The broadcast also showed a videotape of a man it said was Mull meeting in a street with a man it identified as Jacek Leskow, a mathematician and former member of the Solidarity students union. The film showed the man identified as Mull receiving a small package from Leskow.

PAP said ″documents related to the person of S.D. Mull″ and illegal publications were found in Leskow’s apartment in the southern city of Wroclaw. It said Leskow applied for an emigration visa to the United States and ″was already in possession of a U.S. visa promise.″

The broadcast also showed what it identified as photographs of Mull with the Rev. Henryk Jankowski and Bronislav Geremek, two advisers to Solidarity founder Lech Walesa.

Since the arrest of Solidarity underground leader Zbigniew Bujak on May 31, the government has leveled several allegations against the United States, claiming Washington received secrets from the leaders of the outlawed union.

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